Bitcoin online gallery www.cointemporary.com launches on May 28 8 pm with one of my works, the 'exhibition' duration is one week.



As part of 'Oblick - Dialogues of Photography' festival in Strasbourg, a monumental projection installation in an former brewery's 3000 square meter warehouse opens on April 4.

On February 6, an exhibition started at Maison des Cultures Molenbeek, Brussels, including a new wallpaper photographed in Tangier, together with work by Peter Downsbrough and Emilio López-Menchero.

At Städtische Galerie Nordhorn a site-specific mural 'KL Kids' will be part of the group show 'The Best of All Worlds', opening on May 23.



A newly digitalized three screen projection 'Marseille 98' is part of the exhibition 'Le Pont' at Musée d'Art Contemporain in Marseille, European Capital of Culture 2013, from May 25 until 20 octobre.

From 17 August until November 10 at Kunstmuseum / Lokremise St. Gallen, Switzerland, a new large wallpaper installation is part of the exhibition 'Nenn mich nicht Stadt!', curated by Konrad Bitterli.

In Castellón, an semi-permanent outdoor project, 40 portraits of locals as larger-than-life prints in tram stops of the city, is on view now.

In Chemnitz, a permanent wallpaper installation has been installed in the new eniPROD technical university building.



A comprehensive solo exhibition which started at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, accompanied by a 700 page artist's book 'New Street' with texts by Sadie Plant and José Luis Perez (distributed by Cornerhouse Publications), is on view at E.A.C.C., Castellón, Spain, until April 28.

From February 14, Centre Pompidou, Paris, shows a monumental recently digitalized three screen projection installation from 1996 in the chapel of Musée d'Art et d'Histoire in Saint-Denis.

A solo show is on at Jochen Hempel gallery in Berlin from March 8 until April 13. Another one follows at Alex Reding gallery, Luxembourg, from April 24.

A video of the permanent lightbox work at Gent Sint-Pieters station can be seen here, another one of the performance last year at Berghain, Berlin, is here.